Web Site Functionality

Design, colour, and images are great for the look and feel of your website, but what about the functionality? Functionality is what allows visitors to communicate with you. The sky is the limit!! Information can be gathered in so many different ways. You can have your visitors fill out forms to provide information necessary to your business. They can email comments to you through your website instead of having to open up an email client. Your visitors can even make purchases on your website. Anything that you can think of (even the stuff you can't think of), your website can do. These are just a few of the thousands of things that you can do with your website.

Email Notification
Easily allow your visitors to communicate with you with the click of a button. All they need to do is enter their message, and in a matter of seconds, it is in your inbox.
Imagine being able to sell something without having somone come to your store. If you are using web browsers, chances are you have used an online shopping cart. Many companies are making money online. Why not yours?
Gone are the times when you had to put an ad in the newspaper, create a billboard, or produce a television ad. By adding advertising to your page, you can begin making passive income. All it takes is a visitor to click on the link, or click on the link and buy a product from the source of the advertiser and you can make some serious money.
User Authentication
Segregate sections of your site to allow only certain visitors access. Administration sections can be created to give you, the web administrator, the ability to edit sections of your website yourself without having any knowledge of coding.
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