Web Site Maintenance

Whether you need someone to look after your site on a daily basis, need someone to be available for when a problem occurs with your site, need advice on how to make your site better, or simply want to change the look...We can help.
Fixing Errors in Code
Sometimes your website may not give you the results that you expect after making changes or may give an error that you just can't get around.
Style Changes
The right colour combination or font can change how your website converts users into clicks, which in turn can make extra $$$ for your business.
Web Site Analysis
Do you feel that your site is lacking something but you are just not sure what it is? Are you just not getting the response that you hoped from your customers? We will do a full analysis of your website and pinpoint anything that you may be missing. Our analysis includes (but is not restricted to) search engine optimization (SEO), site performance, checking for any broken links, large files, etc.
Content Updates
We will add your content to the page and make it blend in using proper formatting. We can also add some great effects to make your pages stand out from the rest.
Site Backup
One of the worst things that can happen to your online presence is to lose it completely. This can be due to the web server crashing, malicious hackers, or even making changes and not saving. We can provide backup services that will save your data from disaster.
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